Telemat IT Support appointed as cutting-edge IT providers to the IoT Framework for Farming Connect

Telemat IT Support has secured a place on a specialist technical support framework for Farming Connect, to support its Pan Wales Internet of Things Demo Farm Project.

The all-Wales appointment will see Telemat IT, and its partner Morgan Walsh Consultancy Ltd, offering its experience and knowledge to deliver consultancy support and field engineer services to install, maintain, and upgrade the IoT infrastructure.

IoT offers the opportunity to monitor and measure a range of operations with relatively low-cost technology activity using a variety of sensors, to capture temperature, air quality, gate movement, water quality and so on.

Over time IoT applications will change the way we work transforming a range of industries. Telemat is delighted to be working in this important area as the technology emerges and develops.

An example of the impact of IoT was work undertaken by Morgan Walsh to redevelop a milk tank controller. Two years after its unveiling, the new system is saving farmers around the world about 10,000 litres of milk a month due to the built-in IoT milk monitoring system which automatically reports problems directly to farmers and farm engineers.

Gary Howell of Morgan Walsh commented:

“This is a fantastic opportunity for farmers to automatically monitor a whole range of environments on the farms which will reduce running cost, increase profitability and help with producing better quality products”.

Aled Davies of Telemat IT solutions commented:

“Working for Farming Connect plays to our strengths collaborating with experts in the field to deliver bilingual IT solutions and we are looking forward to engaging with such an important sector for the Welsh economy “.

The Farming Connect programme supports the development of a more professional, profitable, and resilient land-based sector. It comprises an integrated programme of knowledge transfer, innovation and advisory services designed to deliver greater sustainability, improved competitiveness, and improved environmental performance.

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