The 10 Top Trends in Legal Technology

There are numerous notable trends which could potentially erode the traditional legal practice within the marketplace.  We have compiled several predictions and observations gathered from a range of sources on technological changes in the Legal Profession. The Apple Watch The Apple Watch will continue to gain in popularity as solicitors learn new and varied ways … Continued

Superfast Business Tips for Using IT to Save Time

Time is one of the most precious assets to business owners. With Superfast Broadband giving that boost to your email and browsing speeds, what else could you do to reduce those time wasting tasks on your to-do list. Take control of your work before it controls you. Here are 10 common time wasting tasks to automate to free … Continued

Support When You Need I.T. Most

UK SMEs want to banish Britain’s most annoying IT helpdesk phrases to Helpdesk 101 the call centre where all our worst I.T. problems are stored. As I.T. becomes increasingly important to small businesses in the UK, phrases such as ‘have you tried turning it off and on again’ can be unhelpful, distracting workers from concentrating … Continued