Why use the Cloud?

There are lots of reasons that people have chosen to use the cloud to store their data, and to access their software:


Using the same Cloud-based software as major organisations, Cloud computing enables small businesses to access information whenever and wherever they are working. Your data is always up to date – which makes sharing files between different users a breeze.

Low cost set up:

The Cloud solution is bought on a “per user” basis, which means you can buy access for new users as and when you need it. You can subscribe to IT services that are hosted by a third party, usually paying a monthly subscription based on the number of PCs that access the software. Services include email, customer relationship management systems and spreadsheets.

Keeping control:

Cloud computing allows you to focus on your business rather than on the sometimes problematic issues of running IT services on the premises. Using the Cloud also eliminates the process of sending files back and forth between users – improving productivity.


Cloud computing gives you the freedom to work from any connected device and to increase your storage when you need to. No matter whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC, you’ll always have access to the software and files you need.

Added security:

If anything happens to your computer hardware, you will still be able to access your documents. Data is always backed-up and copied across many computers – so even if one crashes, things still work.