Business WiFi

Business WiFi

It’s a fact that businesses that offer WiFi access experience higher sales and customer satisfaction.

Get a fast, strong WiFi signal wherever you are around your business. 

We design bespoke solutions for each customer, optimising the equipment required and giving you exactly what you need – without dropped connections or dead spots.

Whatever your needs, from coverage outdoors to a separate network for guests, we’ll make sure your system is secure, protects your data, and is always quick and safe.

Farm WiFi

Find out how a connected farm allows you a whole business view of what’s going on.

From understanding milk yield and quality from the dairy in real-time to tracking whether gates are open across the whole farm, effective farm WiFi makes it simpler for you to control your farm business.

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Care Sector

Simple, affordable WiFi solutions to provide access to the web for staff, residents and visitors through common areas, bedrooms and back offices.

See how your WiFi allows your team to work more efficiently, accessing records in real-time, improving service and reducing downtime.

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Customers have come to expect to be able to access WiFi wherever they are.

We can help you set up fast & reliable WiFi for your business, that allows your customers access to the web, without access to your data.

Want to get more from your Wifi? Our WiFi Masterclass will show you how.

Make the most of your WiFi

Want to get more from your WiFi? Our WiFI masterclass will explain how to use it to it’s full potential – to help maximise productivity and engage customers.