What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and are a set of EU rules that apply in Britain on data protection and privacy. 

Here are some points to consider:

Effective implementation:

In many businesses, business managers and staff use their wireless-enabled mobile devices. When other users connect their wireless devices simultaneously to the system it can cause logistic problems to your IT provider in controlling the usage at the same time as they are trying to control the security of the network.


It is important for the IT technician supporting you that they ensure the network is not open to ‘anyone. Your database will hold a lot of confidential data and information regarding your business and your guests or customers and failure to secure this will leave you vulnerable to theft and hackers. Whilst leakages cannot be prevented completely ensuring that proper security policies are in place at least shows that you have followed a path of due diligence.


Another concern to you as a business owner is the misuse of the internet by your staff. This may occur even when staff are supposed to be working. It can also mean that when a staff member enters sites that require a large bandwidth can end up slowing down the rate at which the internet is accessed and resulting in a poor customer experience.