Ceredigion 3G Broadband Study Launches

This week we had the launch of the mobile broadband support project, jointly created with Ceredigion County Councils’ Cynnal y Cardi team, THREE, the mobile network provider and Telemat IT Support.

Participants from across Ceredigion unable to get decent broadband through their phone line were issued with MIFI 3G routers as part of a 1 year study to demonstrate and research the alternative mobile 3G broadband service available across Ceredigion and further afield.

Using these devices it will provide valuable information in the online benefits its brought the participants .

Also, educating the rural community in alternative broadband technologies that are now available.

With plans proposed by OFCOM and mobile providers, this will become a viable mainstream alternative to phone line broadband in rural areas.

Telemat will be on hand to provide support to the participants as they get to know this technology.


For more information, take a look at the Cynnal Y Cardi website, or find out more about 3’s MIFI system.
If you‘d like to know more, give us a ring on 01239 712345 or email info@telemat.co.uk