Business Wales and Antur Cymru

In the unprecedented times of the COVID 19 crisis, the Business Wales service needed to respond rapidly to ensure the much support continued uninterrupted across the whole of Wales.

Telemat who are the provider of IT support to the service delivered a solution that ensured that:

  • Staff Pan Wales were working remotely within 24 hours
  • Staff were upskilled to access the full range of remote working solutions offered through Microsoft 365
  • A seamless continuation of support to the business community with staff using Microsoft Teams to conduct real-time one to one client meetings
  • The introduction of a VOIP telephony system enabling client calls to handled remotely and cheaply

Antur Cymru who deliver the Business Wales business support contract in Mid, West and North Wales were supported to enable its entire staff base of 80 employees to work remotely within 24 hours of the lockdown announcement. This included the entire accounts function ensuring a continuation of key activities such as raising invoices, tracking cash flow and paying suppliers.

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