Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Protect your business against Internet crime with our cyber security solutions

Data is increasingly at risk to hacking, theft or destruction, with businesses of all sizes being targeted by criminals. A 2020 survey found that 51% of organisations were hit by ransomware attacks in the last year.

Taking steps to be sure that you’re data is safe is essential to protect your business and customers.

Make sure your business is safe with our FREE security review.

Security Audit

Our FREE security audit reviews your business to understand where your critical data is, it’s exposure to risk, and the best ways of keeping it safe.

We’ll provide you with a straightforward report on security gaps, with practical recommendations on how to resolve any problems.

Security Advice

Get expert advice from our Cyber specialists on how to make sure you business is safe from cyber crime.

Understand what steps you can take to protect data, and how to make sure your teams are acting safely.

Security Testing

Make sure you systems and policies work in the real world.

We’ll try a range of techniques to access your network to find gaps in systems and be sure users are acting safely – giving you the confidence that your processes are robust & that your business is protected.