The 10 Top Trends in Legal Technology

There are numerous notable trends which could potentially erode the traditional legal practice within the marketplace.  We have compiled several predictions and observations gathered from a range of sources on technological changes in the Legal Profession. The Apple Watch The Apple Watch will continue to gain in popularity as solicitors learn new and varied ways … Continued

7 steps to secure your passwords

Passwords are an essential part of modern life. According to a recent survey UK citizens have on average 22 online passwords, far more than most people can easily remember. Click here for 7 tips that summarise the key areas to consider when defining password policy.

Cyber Security threats are rising

A study reveals that businesses in the UK and US expect the risk of cyber-threats to their business to increase dramatically in 2014. According to the study by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, the US and the UK are the two countries most concerned about the impact that cyber-threats will have on the future of … Continued