Case Study: The Cloud

Wynne and Co. is an accountancy firm based in Carmarthen. As a small business, flexibility is critical to the company in providing a first class service to its clients. The ability to offer flexible working is also important to Wynne & Co, as supporting family life for all employees is part of the firm’s ethos.

“Moving to the Cloud has facilitated that flexibility in that all data is now accessible anytime, anywhere and from any IT device. This saves time and money for clients and the company” according to Wynne & Co. Director, Sarah Wynne.

“Telemat introduced us to Google drive and Gmail as an effective means of sharing information and documents” she explained. “It has definitely improved our service delivery as it allows us to be productive wherever we happen to be working. The Google calendar also means we do not have to waste time calling or emailing each other to schedule appointments for clients as it’s now all there at our fingertips.”

Sarah also advised that there were no hiccups in transferring the data. “With Telemat, the transition to the Cloud was seamless” she said “We even specified the time the process would be undertaken by Telemat to suit our working day. Telemat made it look easy, though I’m sure in reality it was far from it!”

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