Superfast broadband can give you up to 76mb & will be coming to 96% of the Welsh population.

Harness the technology to grow your business. Superfast Broadband offers exciting opportunities for your business to develop and gain competitive advantage.

Photograph of Menna Jones, Chief Executive at Antur Waunfawr


“Superfast broadband has made a real difference to the way we work. We can now do things faster and more efficiently.”

Menna Jones, Chief Executive at Antur Waunfawr

Why Superfast?

Having fast and more reliable connection can open up a host of new opportunities for businesses. Not only does it increase the capacity for sending and receiving data electronically, but it can also improve customer relations by increasing response times. Superfast broadband can also introduce your business to the benefits of flexible working.

We can talk you through your options and can also provide some very cost effective solutions to speeding up your broadband.

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There will be areas where it will not be possible to install fibre-optic cables. Telemat are already working with many businesses across Wales that are in Not Spots or slow spots to help address these issues by providing alternative routes to getting broadband. These alternatives can overcome many of the problems associated with slow broadband including distance from the exchange, the number of devices you have connected, problems with cabling, viruses, time of day and the good old weather.

We can talk you through your options and can also provide some very cost effective solutions to speeding up your broadband.

Photograph of Aled Rees


“Telemat took care of the whole process including advice on the technology, accessing the financial support and installing the technology hassle-free and compared to traditional phone-line broadband provision the technology is competitively priced”

Aled Rees,Trefere Fawr Farm


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Many businesses rely heavily on their networks for their day-to-day operations, so a dependable high speed connection is essential.

In rural Wales this can be a challenge as not everywhere is broadband enabled, and even if you are able to get broadband the likelihood is that it is not fast enough, which can be just as frustrating.


“We are totally dependant on a reliable computer network and rapid response to any problems that may suddenly arise. With Telemat we get exactly that”

Graham Perkins, PMR Ltd.

Our Broadband Packages

Telemat’s Business Broadband range is ideal for small businesses or anyone wanting high speed low cost internet access.

Whatever package you choose you’ll get:

  • reliable, fast business broadband connection
  • competitive price
  • excellent customer service


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If you can’t get broadband?

Around 166,000 people in the UK are stuck in rural broadband ‘not spots’ and a further two million in rural areas have inadequate broadband.

In rural communities, broadband deals through phone lines, 3G/4G or satellites. These are usually slower and more restrictive than their equivalents in towns and cities, and they’re almost always more expensive.

It is possible to bypass the system using Rural Fibre and Mobile Broadband, and many communities are choosing to do just that, often ending up with some of the UK’s fastest connections.

Signal problems

As you might expect, the big problem for rural areas is signal quality.

  • Telemat are able to carry out a FREE coverage and speed test for this solution.
  • Telemat can also provide a modem that routes 3G through the entire home or office.


Aerial photograph of Nebo broadband points

“Telemat set about over a period of two days, installing and testing. The equipment installed consisted of an external antenna, suitable router and where needed adapters to reach different areas within each property. Read more.”

Nebo, North Wales Broadband Case Study


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