Clive’s Top 5 reasons why you should invest in an EPos system

hi-res-till-systemsDo you manage a fast moving business within the tourism industry? Telemat could help you install and manage an EPOS system tailored to your need. Whether you run a Hotel, restaurant, pub or attraction Telemat will work with you to create an EPOS system that will help your business grow.


Epos systems provide a fast and efficient way of dealing with customers.  Providing the ability to manage stock and CRM (customer relationship management) making a measurable difference to the bottom line, in terms of time saved and in highlighting opportunities and weaknesses in a business.


Top 5 reasons why you should invest in EPOS system


  1. Quicker & effective way to deal with customer

Whether you manage a visitor attraction or a small boutique hotel ensuring customer satisfaction is key. A well-built EPOS system will enable you to effectively deal with visitors, keeping queues to a minimum and reducing customer waiting time. Enabling you to concentrate on delivering a quality customer facing service.


  1. Smooth operation

At the heart of any tourism company is its EPOS system, which forms the central means of revenue recording and collection. Customers can interact with a company through many ways at different times. It is essential that the EPOS device interacts with any existing external booking system, ensuring a smooth booking experience at arrival.


  1. Easy Stock Control

Stock Control can be a lengthy process. Not so with an integrated epos system. Monitoring stock levels through your EPOS system enables you to know what products work well and what might be under-performing. This is vital information needed so businesses can tailor their offering depending on information gathered through an EPOS device.


  1. Improved security

Security is of course vital to any business where money is regularly changing hands. Having a system that can track every transaction down to the minute, staff member and exact till or venue ensures that accountability.


  1. Fast accounting

Gone are the days of manually sifting through till receipts and purchase orders for hours. An EPOS system enables companies to print daily x and z reports, profits, sales-by-category and fully customisable reports. All making it that much easier to manage your business accounting.


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