Give your business the edge

Everyone is talking about Superfast broadband. But what is it and how can it help your business?

Business is all about connection. Superfast broadband can open doors to new opportunities, fresh ways of connecting with customers and potential clients. It enables your business to adopt new technologies that can help you to save money, reduce costs and increase profit.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you exploit superfast broadband:


1. Increase productivity

Superfast emailbroadband is key to increasing productivity. It allows flexible working and enables staff to work efficiently from multiple locations providing better work-life balance. This could reduce absenteeism and improve morale.



2. Save money

Installing Suemailperfast Broadband will enable you to use a range of cloud based computing services. This reducing your IT costs; travel costs by using high definition video conferencing; telephone costs by using VOIP and overheads with flexible working.


3. Increase efficiency


Faster broemailadband gives you a more reliable and stable platform so multiple users can share the same service connection without slowing down. Encouraging collaborative working between employees and clients. Customers today expect up-to-date websites and online shops. Uploading web site content takes seconds, not hours.

4. Remove boundaries


Do business with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Virtual private networks and other applications means working from home and on the move is integrated and consistent across all devices.


5. Increase retention and loyalty

In-emaildepth analysis allows you to communicate with your customers at the time when they are most likely to purchase. Offer superfast Wi-Fi at your premises to attract new customers, increase customer satisfaction and encourage customers to come back more often. You can encourage customers to log in to your Wi-Fi through Facebook so you can gather data about your audience.

6. Increase profits


Less outgoings and greater customer engagement result in increased profits.


7. Stay up-to-date


Gemailet the latest and best business software through the cloud, together with capabilities such as instant data back-ups to take away the hassles of security and upgrades. 



8. Enhanced customer service

Superfast broademailband makes it easier for you to reach new markets, target new customers and grow your brand. Video conferencing and social media are cost-effective ways of engaging with your customers and suppliers.


9. Protect your assets


Secure your customer, product and commercial data confidently using cloud computing services.



10. Help the environment

Reduemailced travel to the office and for face-to-face meetings means a lower carbon footprint and lower fuel usage. Swapping to virtual servers and cloud computing services means less need for energy-hungry servers at every office, whilst virtual private networks allow business PCs to be remotely hosted, cutting down on energy use, saving money and helping to protect the environment.

For more information and free tools on how your business could benefit from superfast broadband visit Superfast Cymru and Superfast Business Wales.