The old and new attracting visitors to the Swansea Valley

The self-catering holiday cottages on the historic Plas Cilybebyll Estate lie in the ancient hamlet of Cilybebyll near Pontardawe  – reputed to have been a place where the Romans at Neath spent their leisure time.  Fast forward some 1,600 years and today’s visitors to Swansea Valley Holiday Cottages at Plas Farm are able to explore … Continued

Give your business the edge

Everyone is talking about Superfast broadband. But what is it and how can it help your business? Business is all about connection. Superfast broadband can open doors to new opportunities, fresh ways of connecting with customers and potential clients. It enables your business to adopt new technologies that can help you to save money, reduce … Continued

Superfast Business Tips for Using IT to Save Time

Time is one of the most precious assets to business owners. With Superfast Broadband giving that boost to your email and browsing speeds, what else could you do to reduce those time wasting tasks on your to-do list. Take control of your work before it controls you. Here are 10 common time wasting tasks to automate to free … Continued

Windows 10 Whats New

In summary Windows 10 is a dramatic improvement over Windows 8. It works as single, unified operating system rather than two operating systems poorly bolted together. It changes its interface depending on whether you’re on a tablet or a traditional PC, and runs well on both. Cortana, despite some shortcomings, is a very worthwhile addition, … Continued

It’s time to say goodbye to Windows server 2003

Technology has developed dramatically over recent years. Many people depend on technology to go about their day to day life. Technology has become the focal point of many people’s work and social life providing an easy way to keeping in touch with colleagues and friends. As technology improves, operating systems need to as well. Microsoft … Continued